Geology, Music, and Travel: Insight from SNC Radio Director, Jerry Komas

I interviewed Jerry Komas, a senior Geology Major and the current director of SNC Radio. Jerry provided unique insight on how learning new things slowly can spark passions. We discuss the impact of music on his life, his experiences with SNC radio, and his passion for music. We also talk about his other passion, sailing, and how both sailing and geology have unending questions.

A Veterans View of the Classroom: David Martens

This is a very special veteran’s day episode. I interview David Martens, a 42 year old junior at St. Norbert College who served in the US army. His perspective is extremely unique and he provides amazing insight to our international studies class. It is a great show to learn about his story and why he chose St. Norbert.

This is a picture of David in eastern Afghanistan from 2017. He is proud to be representing his country (and his favorite football team).

Patrick Gagnon on How Photography Changes Your Traveling Mindset

This was an interview with Patrick Gagnon, the vice president of photography club at SNC. He provided interesting insight into the eye of the photographer and shared his experiences on Gap. His perspective of photography is truly fascinating, as he emphasizes the importance of being present while taking pictures instead of mindlessly looking into a camera, which is something many people with smart phones tend to do. Tune into his radio show, “This Show”, on Thursdays at 8:30 on SNC Radio.

This is a picture of Patrick and me during dinner on our 23 day boundary waters expedition. Patrick had both the honor and the demise of spending the trip in both my backpacking and canoe group.

Prelude to Studying Abroad with Jacob Patrick

This was an interview with my boyfriend, Jacob Patrick, before his study abroad trip to Rome. Not only did we discuss the Gap Program, where we met, but we go in depth about different travel plans and share a laugh at cheesy travel quotes. This was a fun episode to record, as Jacob and I met perhaps the most out of our comfort zones we have ever been. Good luck in Rome, Jacob!

This picture was taken on top of Volcán Pacaya in Guatemala. We also roasted marshmallows in the hot coals of the volcano!

Sehrish Rehmat: Exploring De Pere from Pakistan

This was an interview with Sehrish Rehmat, an international student from Pakistan. It was a pleasure talking to her and comparing the differences in US culture with her experiences in Pakistan. She also had great things to say about St. Norbert “communio” and the different opportunities we have on campus!

This is Sehrish in the studio! She was really excited to have the opportunity to record her show and share her story. Sehrish also encouraged me to create this website!