Laura Naylor Colbert: Soldier, Author, Badger

This week, I interviewed Laura Naylor Colbert. She is a veteran who served in Iraq in 2003 for 16 months, a UW Madison Alum, and now a middle school principal. Our conversation explored her book: Sirens: How to Pee Standing Up, as well as where her life picked up after book ends.

Laura’s book was recently nominated for a bronze medal in the Military Writer’s Society of America 2020 Awards Ceremony! Her self-narrated audio book will be coming out November 30th! The amazon link to her book is below.

Laura is a wonderful human being with a TON of stories from her time deployed in Iraq. She talks about her experience going to basic training, and then getting deployed to Iraq. She touches on her mindset and mantras she used during difficult times throughout her time in Iraq, and she discusses the many differences in Iraqi culture. She also opens up about the difficulties of PTSD coming back to the US. Her perspectives are extremely insightful and provide a unique perspective from a soldier.

Half-way into the interview, we discuss her book writing experience and her travels after coming home. She took a year of exploring called her “Year of Laura.” She also ended up living in England as a teacher! We also discuss her current role as a middle school principal.

This conversation is one you will not want to miss!

Dr. Jennifer Fraser: Healing the Brain After Trauma

I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Jennifer Fraser, an author, educator, and consultant studying brain health and brain power. She is a wonderful resource for victims of abusive coaching, and works to change the way coaches interact with their athletes. She is currently writing two new books: “10 Fixes for the Bullied Brain” and “Brain Drain: The Loss of Adolescent Brain Power in the Workplace”. Jennifer was an integral part of my healing process after experiencing two different counts of abusive coaching, and I loved reconnecting with her for this episode. She also provides excellent resources on adolescent brain health and how the brain responds to entering the workforce. This episode covers a multitude of information regarding the brain and how to heal it. You can learn more about the wonderful work she does here.

Kristina Shelton: A New Voice for Green Bay

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity of doing a webinar with Kristina Shelton. Kristina is a candidate for the 90th Assembly District of Wisconsin. Her message is to amplify the voices of all community members. You can read more about her campaign here. We discuss the Green Bay community, her journey into politics, and what made her run for 90th Assembly District. Kristina values empathy and adaptability in everything she does. This is a powerful conversation that you don’t want to miss!

Joidon Jennings: Networking, Confidence, and the Green Bay Packers

I had the wonderful opportunity this week to interview Joidon Jennings, Digital UX Coordinator of the Green Bay packers. In my conversation with Joidon, we discuss the ins-and-outs of the professional sports industry. Her experience working in such a competitive field provides insights to all students about the importance of networking, self-marketing, and confidence. She opens up about her journey to finding her dream job. We discuss her experience with the Baltimore Ravens, and her job switch to the Packers during COVID. Joidon provides a plethora of insights for students in all industries.

Jacob Patrick: Experiencing Rome During COVID

Today I talked to Jacob Patrick for the second time about his experience studying abroad in Rome. We discuss the impacts of COVID, the classes he took, the food, and cultural differences between Rome and the US. He talks about his crazy trip home from the US: having to leave for the airport in the middle of the night without a ticket! We also discuss the positive experiences from his shortened time abroad! This was a great start to season 2 of Going Places

Here is a photo of Jacob and me at the “Wedding Cake” Monument in Rome!
This is where the interview took place in my apartment!