Lauren Murphy: Founder of Pink Dino Management

Lauren Murphy wears many hats in the music industry. She is a Music Business major at Belmont University, she created the management and booking company Pink Dino Management, and she is a concert expert! She is also my best friend from high school.

Although we went on different paths for college, we reconnected for this interview reminiscing on our high school adventures of going to over 25 concerts together!

Lauren’s story is fascinating, and she gives insight on the current impacts of COVID on the music industry. If you have ever wondered what a Music Business major does, tune in!

Nick Kazarian: Da BearsFit Trainer

If you talk to any athlete, they would say the coolest job you could ever have is being a trainer! Tony and Will from the Tony G Show and I would tend to agree!

We sat down with BearsFit Trainer, Nick Kazarian, to discuss his journey to becoming a trainer, working with a multitude of different people, including professional athletes. Nick has an incredible story as a Veteran, Athlete, and Chicago Sports Fan. You’ve never seen Bears and Packer Fans get along so well!

Tune in for a great show about personal growth, athletic success, and the do’s and don’ts of the gym!

Travels with Cultural Mad Scientist, Norm Schriever

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing my favorite travel author, Norm Schriever. Norm is the author of South of Normal, Pushups in the Prayer Room, The Queens of Dragon Town and more! He is a self-proclaimed cultural mad scientist, and loves to share his travel advice and experiences. His stories are incredibly relatable, and hilariously crazy!

In this episode, we talk about his adventures around the world and reflect on a few of my favorite stories from South of Normal and Pushups in the Prayer Room. We also talk about Norm’s passion for connecting with others and meeting new people on his travels. He was uniquely impacted by COVID in the fact that he left the Philippines right before a strict lockdown. He hasn’t seen his girlfriend in 8 months!

Norm uses his writing to connect with people from all walks of life. His stories show the impact on how travel increases empathy and human connection. It was truly an honor to interview him!

Although we cannot travel now, this interview is a wonderful way to reminiscence on the power of travel! Tune in for a wonderful episode and stay tuned for part 2 in November 2020!

Pushups in the Prayer Room documents Norm’s trip around the world in 2000. His stories are crazy and extremely relatable for any traveler!
South of Normal documents Norm’s big move to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
This is Norm’s newest book. His story is fiction, inspired by his own experience following a massive typhoon in the Philippines. His story follows an island girl, and the difficulties she has to endure to survive.

Diana Delbecchi: A Trailblazer in Education Access and Social Justice

This week, I had the wonderful opportunity of reconnecting with Diana Delbecchi. I know her as the former Assistant Director of the St. Norbert College Gap Experience. However, she wears many hats in the Green Bay community. She is the founder of United Resisters, a non-profit program for Somali women. She is currently a Schools Resource coordinator at the Green Bay Area Public School System, where she created a program for children to receive eye glasses. If there is a problem regarding education access in the community, Diana creates a project to solve it. As a graduate of UWGB, Diana created the FLITE (Future Leaders Inspired Through Empowerment) program to encourage and educate high school students about college!

Diana with her Somali friends. She is the founder of United ReSisters in Green Bay!
St. Norbert Gap Experience right before we left for the Boundary Waters in 2018.

Diana has a very unique international perspective and a love for traveling to new places. She received her Masters in Gender, Globalization, and Human Rights from University of Ireland, Galway. She also worked in a refugee camp in Greece during the Refugee Crisis of 2015.

In our episode, we explore her passion, her involvement in the community, our experience on Gap, and her experience abroad. We also discuss the power of experiential learning, and how it has shaped our growth as human beings. This interview is filled with positive energy and empowering stories. I highly recommend you listen!

You can learn more about Diana’s journey here.

St. Norbert Gap Experience on a Volcano in Guatemala. November, 2018

Navigating Neuropsychology with Will McBride

This week I had a unique conversation on Going Places with Will McBride. I have always been interested in the lives of STEM majors. Will is currently in a neuropsychology fellowship at University of Virginia. He works with people suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia. In our conversation, we talk about his journey through his field, his role in the society for Black Neuropsychology, and his goals for the future. Will is an extremely empathetic and caring person. He likes his role because of his ability to gain wisdom from his elderly patients. He has always been the person his friends came to for help, and this talent fueled his career choice. His story will resonate with anyone, including people with careers outside of STEM.